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Mission and vision

Since its foundation in 1994, IASON has constantly introduced new and innovative products and has made them accessible to laboratory and nuclear medicine. As a commercial enterprise, this takes place by means of the acquisition of state of the art technologies and products on the international market and as a manufacturing company by means of the production of the newest radiopharmaceuticals, which are offered on the European market with the highest reliability.

In the laboratory medicine branch, IASON has made it its business to select the newest and most modern radio and enzyme immunoassays on the world market. Moreover, the most important products are manufactured for IASON under licence and sold as their own products. A particular additional value is created by means of the advancement of such products close to the market, which then are offered as fully automatic test kit together with IASON laboratory equipment. IASON Gladiator is a classic example of such development work. With this large laboratory equipment, it was possible to arrange for maximum flexibility concerning the test parameters by means of greatest possible sample throughput and degree of automation.

By building the production plants for radiopharmaceuticals in Klagenfurt, Linz and Rome, an essential aspect of the founding vision could be put into practice. Precisely in the case of PET radiopharmaceuticals, our guiding principle has in particular been well established: Together with medicine, IASON serves the patient. These radiopharmaceuticals are special products which are manufactured and supplied in close cooperation with the physician applying the product (extensive patient information).

In the following years, we want to put into practice our merits in many other European countries, which we gained from the implementation of many positron emission tomography projects in European countries, focusing on Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France.

The approval of our first pharmaceutical product EFDEGE® in many European countries is a significant milestone on this path.

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