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Mag. Christoph Artner founded the company IASON Labormedizin Ges.m.b.H. & CoKG in 1994. The company’s headquarters are in Graz. From the beginning, nuclear medicine was the target group. The company’s purpose was the trade with medical devices.

By specialising in the areas of “thyroid gland” and “bone metabolism”, a large product range was gradually built up. Immunoassays which measure all hormones, tumour markers, infection serology and auto-immunology were added to the product range. For a fully automatic ELISA MANAGEMENT, the product range was extended by automatic lab equipment in different sizes and capacities for the complete processing of ELISA microtitre plates.

The particular commitment of IASON was the initial trigger for the introduction and the establishment of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Austria in 1997. For the first time it was possible to apply this method in the Regional Hospital (LKH) Klagenfurt and in the General Hospital (AKH) Linz.

IASON was the first company to begin a nationwide distribution of these sensitive products with an extremely short shelf-life (physical half-life: 110 minutes). In doing so, IASON acquired an extensive knowledge about the management of hazardous materials and competence in delivery. A great effort of PR and logistic was required to be able to give a binding guarantee for such deliveries to the Austrian Association for Nuclear Medicine. After this project was completed successfully, IASON took the decision to produce such PET Tracers themself.

The subcontractor ARGOS is the first private company in Austria to be involved in the production of PET tracers. Two state of the art cyclotron plants can now be found in Linz and Klagenfurt, which are among the best of their kind in the world.

In doing so, the synergies between the hospital operator and IASON were used. In a future-looking cooperation, the hospitals provided the space as well as the facilities. The task of ARGOS was to build the cyclotron plant and other technical facilities. ARGOS operates these plants and supplies nuclear medicine departments in Austria, Italia, France and Croatia.

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