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Greek Mythology

IASON – Our name is derived from Greek mythology and designates the famous leader of the Argonauts. The story of IASON is the path of a hero and his fight for justice. His journey serves us as a shining example with regard to our entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

The journey of the Argonauts took place before the Trojan War and numerous heroic deeds were accomplished during this time. Aeson, who is supposed to succeed the throne in Iolcos, is expelled by his stepbrother Pelias. Aeson saves his young son Iason by bringing him to the Centaur Chiron.

Iason is taught in different area of medicine and acquires extensive knowledge in the art of healing. When he has grown up, he returns to Iolcos to claim his heritage.

Iason reveals himself as being Aeson’s son and Pelias agrees that, if Iason is able to obtain the Golden Fleece along with accomplishing other heroic deeds, he would regain his heritage.

This is exactly where the company IASON finds itself: Striving every day for the well-being of the people and mastering great challenges!

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