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To further extend its position, the company heavily invests in the area of R&D. In the R&D Department of ARGOS, new PET tracers are constantly developed into a marketable commodity. As regards the content, in the coming years the areas of activity of the R&D departments will be the development of new automation technologies in the area of radiopharmaceutical production as well as the development of new agent for the oncological diagnosis, the therapy control as well as the preclinical evaluation of new pharmaceuticals in cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies by means of molecular imaging procedures.

With regard to research and development costs, IASON has so far spent overall 6 million Euro for the products developed. As a result, IASON currently has full market approval for the following pharmaceutical products:  Efdege®, IASOdopa®, IASOflu® and IASOcholine®.

It can be assumed that the research quota is 4 % of the operating performance. Licences were granted to the company Synektik Sp.z.o.o. (Poland). The annual revenues from licence agreements range around 350,000.00 Euro with an annual increase of 30-40 %.

The objective set by IASON in the area of research and development is the development and approval of a new tumour marker within a period of 18 – 24 months. In the R&D Department of the company ARGOS, four employees are currently employed and it can be assumed that this department will grow by one qualified employee per year.

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