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IASON holds Marketing Authorization for IASOtoc® in 3 countries!

IASON proudly announces that IASOtoc®(Gallium 68Ga edotreotide), a radiopharmaceutical intended for use in positron-emission-tomography, meanwhile is available with Marketing Authorization in France, Germany and Austria.... |more...


IASON nominated for European Innovation Award!

We are delighted to announce that IASON has been selected as a National Champion for Austria in the 2016/17 European Business Awards, where IASON will represent Austria in the category INNOVATION. For a complete list of... |more...


IASON proudly presents: Thyroid Panel on DRG Hybrid Instrument

Since a few weeks the Thyroid Hormone Panel (TSH, T3, T4, FT3, FT4) is available on Hybrid. Hybrid is dedicated to use in small labs with a limited number of samples, thus an excellent instrument to be used in small and private... |more...


IASOwater, sterile H2O enriched in oxygen-18 ≥ 98%

Higher production capacities enable us to make a special offer to our clients. With the product IASOwater, used in the radiopharmaceutical production of Fluorine-18 pharmaceuticals all over the world, IASON grants the... |more...


France: Marketing Authorization for: IASOglio® 2 GBq/mL, solution for injection

It is a pleasure to announce the Marketing Autorisation of IASOglio® 2 GBq/mL, solution for injection. We are proud to make available this pharmaceutical to patients suffering from brain tumor (glioma). IASOglio® is for the... |more...


IASON Recapitalisation Plan Legally Agreed

The plan for recapitalisation has been legally agreed. IASON GmbH is again solely responsible for its business activities. Hence, we can take part in tenders again and conclude contracts in countries in which we had been... |more...


Recapitalisation Plan agreed – IASON GmbH emerges from insolvency

During a hearing on 24th November 2015 at the Landes- und Handelsgericht Graz (Regional Court Graz), the creditors voted in favour of the recapitalisation plan, presented by IASON GmbH, fully and without conditions. This decision... |more...

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